NMFUK Centre Project


The NMFUK was established for over 20 years and its membership in particular and the Nigerian Muslim Community in the UK in general, has grown significantly over the last few years causing the need for operational and administrative hub for the forum and an islamic centre for the community. It is against this background that a committee was set up by the London Chapter of the NMFUK for the actualisation of this befitting project. The success of the project would heavily rely on the support from individuals and organisations. However, every effort shall be made to make the centre self-sufficient when acquired by the grace of Almighty Allah.

 Proposed Model of the centre


The work of the centre committee has focused on two main activities this year namely building a conceptual model of the centre (including budgeting and design) and seeking the financial support of organisations and individuals.
After consultations with several design houses 3Design Creative Ltd in Birmingham was chosen to provide an integrated design consisting of architectural and project costing. The final draft design was a conceptual model Islamic centre with a capacity of 975 people (675 men & 300 women). The design includes men’s & ladies’ prayer area, cafeteria, offices, libraries & classrooms. The centre is designed to act as a community hub and will include the following services:
    - Religious Services
    - Education and Training
    - Islamic awareness Exhibitions
    - Muslim Funeral rites & bereavement
    - 5 Daily Prayers
    - Jumma’at & Eid Prayer
    - Islamic studies
    - Memorization of Holy Quran
    - Evening & Weekend classes
    - Workshop & Training
    - Social Welfare
    - Counselling and Advocacy Service
    - Ramadhan Social Programme        
During the course of the year the committee has visited several individuals and organisations to solicit support. The organisations visited included The Muslim World League, The Islamic Cultural Centre UK and CNMO. All the Organisations visited have signalled their support and discussions are on going with these organisations regarding the various financial and strategic assistance they may provide.

Preliminary Design of New NMFUK Centre

Ground Floor Plan

Ground Floor design details: 685 m2
Facilities – Women’s prayer hall (300 Capacity), Coffee shop + 2 other shops, women’s wudhu area, gent’s toilet and wudhu area.
Total Cost - £1, 048,000

1st Floor Plan

First Floor design details: 664 m2F
Facilities – Men’s prayer hall (675 Capacity), 3 offices, conference room, large foyer & gent’s toilet and wudhu area.
Total Cost - £1, 015, 920

2nd Floor Plan

Second Floor design details: 646 m2
Facilities – 10 classrooms, library, 2 toilets, reception area, 2 offices, conference room and kitchen.
Total Cost - £ 988,380