Education Scheme


The importance of education economically, socially, religiously and in every other facet of life cannot be over emphasised. Yet, its current condition that inevitably reflects in our current deplorable state in these facets of life is a very sad one. This situation has led to a clamour by many members of the society for an urgent intervention in the education sector to bring about some positive change in this regard.
To this end, NMFUK has initiated a programme tagged NMFUK Education Program that attempts to do just that, to stage an intervention in the education sector. The program seeks to:

    - Improve access to quality education through sponsorships
    - Improve quality of teachers through teacher training
    - Increase access to Teaching Equipment & Resources
    - Increase access to Information & knowledge resources
    - Encourage and foster Adult literacy & Vocational studies
    - Work with other stakeholders to advocate for qualitative, sound and purposeful education at all levels


1. Sponsoring students through local Schools – In conjunction with the Orphan Scheme, the sponsorship of 10 Orphans through Primary School began. There are currently plans for sponsoring a further 5 students through the same school. Less than £10/month will sponsor a child through School.

2. Building/Equipping classrooms in local and community schools -  The NMFUK education program has sponsored the building of 2 classrooms at Al-Ihsan Community School in Rigasa Kaduna at a cost of about £4000. The community lacked public school access and their kids were roaming the streets. Fearing that they may be forced to start criminal activities, a woman decided to convert her living room into a community school. She admitted the pupils and offered to teach them free of charge. They started with one room as a classroom but the school has been expanding, necessitating additional classrooms

The School Before

Children learning in open space

The School After

New classroom

Female students in open space

Additional classroom under construction

Sponsorship of more classrooms or funds to buy the pupils chairs is requested from brothers and sisters.

3. Equipping the Libraries of local Schools – Books were donated to the Zubairiyya School, Kano and there are still more that have been collected to be donated.

4. Look into ways to assist local Schools – Discussions on paying Teacher Salaries in return for more places for students were held and agreed but upon more scrutiny it was found that it did not help the school, in fact it would harm the school and so the idea was dropped.
We have collected new and used school uniforms and donated to Al-Ihsan School in Rigasa. 


Pupils & their teacher in the classroom with donated books.


One of the students wearing the NMFUK donated sweatshirt

Sponsored pupils at Zubairiyya School

Sponsored pupils & their teacher at Zubairiyya School

5. Establish Book Clubs - A School in Kano has agreed to be the base (like a library) where books will be sent to, kept and shared between schools & individuals in Kano. Discussions on having the same model in Kaduna are on-going before branching out to other cities.

6. Teacher Training – A Teacher Training programme has been slated for the teachers of 3 schools plus a few yet to be employed teachers.
Partnering with British Council, Egyptian Cultural Society & Alliance Francaise to teach English, Arabic & French respectively – The British Council was approached but they only work with the Government on Teacher training. One of their Trainers has however volunteered to participate in our Teacher-Training programme.
7. Establish Mobile Documentary Video Programmes – We have acquired the equipment, have found a competent programme manager and ironed out modalities. Programme is set to start as soon as the equipment is sent over.


-    Sponsoring an indigent pupil(s) in the local/community schools who will otherwise not be able to attend school. The cost is £10 per month.
-    Sponsor a salary/stipend of a community school teacher at about £60 per month
-    Sponsor a construction of a classroom at about £4000
-    Sponsor the transportation cost of the donated books/uniforms from UK to Nigeria (cost to be advised)
-    Sponsor teachers training programme (cost to be advised)


“ Ibn Mas’ud (Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Messenger of Allah (S) said: The position of only two persons is enviable; the person whom Allah bestowed wealth empowering him to spend it in the way of righteousness, and the person whom Allah gave wisdom with which he adjudges and which he teaches to others.”