The Nigeria Muslim Forum UK established its presence in Birmingham from the early years of its creation. However, the chapter has been less active over the years, with members giving their supports individually or in small groups to the national body. Being concerned about the situation, some members made an effort to bring together all members under one umbrella to harmonise their activities. This effort yielded a positive result as all the parties when contacted accepted the proposal. This led to the emergence of a greater chapter in an extraordinary meeting held on 21st June 2015. The National Amir, Dr Abdullahi Ahmad was in attendance. At the meeting a six-man committee was formed under the chairmanship of Atiku Abubakar Sadiq, to take charge of the activities of the chapter.

Eid celebration has been an annual event of Nigerian Muslims in Birmingham. What makes Eid-el-Fitr walima of 2015 exceptional is the fact it was the first to be organised by the newly reorganised Birmingham chapter of the Nigerian Muslims Forum. It wasn’t a surprise, therefore, it was the biggest gathering ever held by NMFUK in Birmingham. Families, students and some guests attended the event. It coincided with a time when most universities were organising their graduating ceremonies. Some Nigerians that came to attend the graduation ceremony of their loved ones seized the opportunity to meet brothers and sisters. Prominent among them was the then Vice-chancellor of Umaru Musa Yar’adua University and his wife, who described the ceremony as ‘home away from home’. Imam of the popular Green Lane Masjid served as guest lecturer at the event. Various activities were organised at the event to entertain those who attended. The National Amir also attended the event.
The chapter continues its regular activities, which include assisting new students arriving from Nigeria to settle down in Birmingham. Monthly contributions are collected to support the orphans’ sponsorship and other programmes of the national body. There is a plan by the chapter to attend the forthcoming AGM and conference as usual.