About us


The Nigeria Muslim Forum UK (NMFUK) is a registered UK charity undertaking charitable work in Nigeria, England and Wales with registration No. 1144040.  It draws its membership from Nigerian Muslims resident in the United Kingdom as students or professionals and sources funds through donations from members and the public at fundraising events.  The objectives of our charity include advancing the religion of Islam in Nigeria and the UK, promoting racial and religious harmony in society and provision of relief materials to victims of natural and other types of disasters.

In the last two years NMFUK has spent millions of naira in the provision of relief materials to displaced people in states like Borno, Plateau, Yobe, Kaduna and Kano; it has organised health care outreaches in Kano state, Anka in Zamfara state and Katsina state among others.  It also currently has more than 60 orphans on its orphan sponsorship programme.

NMFUK have a policy utilising 100% of the money received for the charitable purpose it has been donated for. This is possible because all of our staff are volunteers and our minimum overhead is being funded by the monthly contribution made from members. We also provide feedback to sponsors and donors from the filed regarding the progress and success of the specific charitable activity that they sponsor or donated the funds for.

To counter some of the logistic challenges we are facing when delivering our support resources to Nigeria we are undergoing establishing a Chapter in Nigerian. Having a Nigerian Chapter will enable us to more effectively channel our resources and manage the delivery of these resources to Nigeria.

We are thankful for your effort for Islam and Muslims and we are grateful for your support to our charitable activities.


Education Scheme

The importance of education economically, socially, religiously and in every other facet of life cannot be over emphasised. Yet, its current condition that inevitably reflects in our current deplorable state in these facets of life is a very sad one. This situation has led to a clamour by many members of the society for an urgent intervention in the education sector to bring about some positive change in this regard.
To this end, NMF UK has initiated a programme tagged NMF UK Education Program that attempts to do just that, to stage an intervention in the education sector. The program seeks to:
1.    Improve access to quality education through sponsorships;
2.    Improve teaching quality through teacher training programmes;
3.    Increase access to information, knowledge resources, and teaching equipment and resources;
4.    Encourage and foster adult literacy and vocational studies;
5.    Secure/source/provide funds and grants to education institutions
6.    Collaborate with other stakeholders to advocate for qualitative, sound and purposeful education at all levels.

Health Outreach Scheme

NMFUK through its health scheme aimed at raising awareness and improving the state of healthcare of the needy, within local communities in Nigeria. To achieve this, NMFUK through its members actively organised, supported and conducted a number of activities directed towards achieving these goals.
This included programmes where direct contact with people from local communities in Nigeria was made, with the aim of treating and managing acute and chronic ill-health problems. This was in the form of health outreach projects. Involvement of local community stakeholders had been a key to carrying out these projects, and their contribution helped to change attitudes and provide opportunities for advocacy for health promotional programmes, education and training for healthcare staff, and collaboration with local community leaders and individuals. A consequence of these projects has been the desire for more local stakeholder driven programmes, to be carried out in the same and other newer local communities.

Another approach taken by the committee was that of forming partnerships with other charities that have similar aims of improving standard of healthcare globally. This included organisations based both in the United Kingdom and in Nigeria.  Through activities and charitable fundraisers, the health committee had managed to raise awareness amongst its members here in the UK, of the plight the healthcare standard in Nigeria is enduring and the need for both health and non-health professionals based here in the UK to try and improve these standards.

Orphan Sponsorship

At a Radio Appeal in Newcastle during Ramadan 2012, about £4000 was pledged. The amount included full sponsorship for 13 orphans and partial sponsorship for 10 orphans. With that MNF UK’s Orphan Sponsorship scheme was kick started, from which today many orphans have directly benefitted.
Following the above an Orphan Scheme Committee was set up to consider and approve requests from prospective communities. The committee agreed £300 per Annum as the amount required to sponsor an orphan. This amount can either be donated in full to NMF UK or by monthly instalment of £25 for 12 month.
In 2011/2012, fifteen more Orphans were added to the pool following a successful sponsorship campaign at NMFUK Peace conference in Leicester. These Orphans are from Adamawa, Kaduna and Kebbi States of Nigeria. In order to give a spread and following applications received from Enugu, Nasarawa, Oyo, Plateau & Yobe States, 5 Orphans each from these states were considered and approved – (25 Orphans in total).