• NMFUK was established over 20 years & its membership in UK has grown significantly over the last few years causing the need for operational & admin hub for the forum and an Islamic centre for the community.

  • The Health committee has always held belief in the healthcare outreach projects being a medium to extend quality healthcare to the underprivileged.

Regional Activity

Coventry Chapter

The Coventry chapter continues its fund raising activities for forum. This year in addition to Zakatul Fitr collection they hosted a fund rais- ing dinner to support the activities of the Education committee which is helping to renovate a pri- mary school in Rigasa Kaduna.About ...

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Tackling Boko Haram: Between Jonathan’s attempts, Buhari’s promises and the way forward

Nigeria’s tackling of the Boko Haram insurgency was, until recently, a serious source of embarrassment to the country, its neighbours and, in deed, the international ...

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Transferring Development and Power to the Grassroots in Nigeria Through the Creation of Community Development Centres (CDAs)

The current outrageous levels of poverty and income inequality in Nigeria can be attributed to the unbalanced and hugely disproportionate spread of resources and development ...

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Extreme Poverty In Northern Nigeria And The Need For Comprehensive Economic Plan

It is a well appreciated fact that there is extreme and debilitating poverty in Northern Nigeria which is a time bomb that could explode without ...

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